Kate is our 5year old Chihuahua who has been in our lives for just over a year. She didn't have the best start in life but she's coming on leaps and bounds! Here is her - very spoilt, pampered life.

Friday, 14 February 2014

New Link!

Noooo! So my link to vote for Kate wasn't working. Please try this... VOTE HERE XXXX


  1. not to be a pest, but is there any chance at all that you can provide the link that attaches to YOUR photo? There are TONS of dogs there and to be honest, I just don't have time to go searching through all of them. Am happy to vote if you make it easy to do so :)

  2. Arg I am rubbish at this!! Lol. Sorry.

    If this doesn't work - Im giving up!


    Thank you for your effort, Much appreciated!