Kate is our 5year old Chihuahua who has been in our lives for just over a year. She didn't have the best start in life but she's coming on leaps and bounds! Here is her - very spoilt, pampered life.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

As you know, I talk about my Furry Friend Adventures of Del a lot. And now I have figured out how to do furry links! So check him out for yourself HERE!l So excited to finally post my first link! :-) See if you can spot the posts I am mentioned in. There are some fab photos of when Del and I were the SAME SIZE! If you can believe that. Have a look. Its very cute... ! Anyone else have cute puppy pictures? Cuddles. x


  1. Those are some fabulous puppy photos. And congratulations on learning how to make a link!!!
    Your pal,

  2. And now how to double check a blog for followings lists... BOL. Xxx

  3. Good job on the linkage! Del is quite the cutie :)