Kate is our 5year old Chihuahua who has been in our lives for just over a year. She didn't have the best start in life but she's coming on leaps and bounds! Here is her - very spoilt, pampered life.

Monday, 17 February 2014


I AM RUBBISH AT THIS!! Final attempt at putting a link up that works... This will take you straight to kate.. (I hope!) PLEASE TRY THIS!

Friday, 14 February 2014

New Link!

Noooo! So my link to vote for Kate wasn't working. Please try this... VOTE HERE XXXX

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

You wait all month for a post...

And then TWO Come along at once! This is just a super quick one - Kate is entered into a Barkarama Facebook Competition! Its a great competition (see HERE for details of how to enter your poochy too!!!) We would love your support - you just have to head to their page and click on her GAWJUS face! Kate would win a little hamper of goodies... So pretty pretty please.. pop over and vote for our little bundle of energy and joy! VOTE HERE!!! How could you say no to this little face...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Long Overdue! Love Kate.

Sorry mums been so quiet, she's been too busy fussing over ME! And I suppose they have been quiet because they got ENGAGED!! A great start to the year I think. The only downside - They were trying to give each other a hug the other day. without me. A cuddle - Without Kate?! NO NO! So I just dived in the middle. Kate wins again. (Mum's say sorry that its a blurry and crooked picture, they were too busy laughing at me)
In order to prevent this again - And to send a clear message - I turned into DEMON DOG. This should let them know this shouldn't happen again. I also shouted at mum for more Blogs. Should do the trick!!
What are your tips about training your humans?!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rain Rain Go Away...

Kate hates the rain. I know most dogs do - but I think because Kate is only tiny anyway, when she shrinks back into the corner she looks so tiny and vulnerable. It looks like we are really mean to her when she does it - People walking past "ahhh...bless her" and "ooo..look at her scared" she knows how to play a crowd that's for sure! Bring her back in after the rain, and it's like butter wouldn't melt...
So we are both having some tea to warm us up again! (Its without milk and only a few drops from the end of my finger. :-) )
She also stole a bit of my Oreo when I wasn't looking. Sneaky Stealth Mode..! Cheeky pooch!
Do all dogs hate rain? Are there any exceptions out there?!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Long Post Alert - Our Chihuahua's History!

Kate came into our lives nearly 18 months ago now. We went to see a Chihuahua dog breeder in North Wales as my partner Gemma had always wanted one, but I wasn't convinced a Chihuahua was the breed for us. I had always had big dogs and I was put off by the Paris Hilton stereotype that all Chihuahua's live in handbags. We originally went in to view - Gemma wanted to show me what type of Chihuahua she wanted a few months later, once we had got everything ready and set up. We walked into this tiny house, and the woman had 5 other Chihuahua's in cages in the kitchen, two of whom were pregnant. She was selling Kate and she refused to breed and was too small. When we got her she had a burn on her tail, was underweight and super shy - even for a Chihuahua. We were concerned and asked about her Vet and health history, and her owner replied "We only had her 9months, I haven't had a chance to take her".. We decided on the spot we had to get her out of there. We emptied our bank accounts, rushed to pets at home and stocked up on all the necessary items. Knowing Kate now, looking back at the first few hours of her time with us tells us so much about her previous homes. Is she is away from Gemma at any point she looks for her. Her connection is like none I have ever seen. She loves me - don't get me wrong, but the relationship between Gemma and Kate is adorable and so strong. When we picked Kate up and took her home, she never looked back. In the car you can see she is a bit un-settled but never pined or missed the home she was in. She was in the breeders home for 9 months prior to us picking her up. She fell asleep in my arms on the way home, around 5 minutes after this photo was taken.
You can see how thin she was in this picture - her Head looks like its about to fall off!
She stank to high heaven, had marks on her fur from sitting in her own urine and was very jumpy. One of the reasons she is not very good with other dogs is the fact she was locked in cages with males in an attempt to force them to breed. We booked her into the vets the very next day and she was horrified. She was Chronically underweight, Her Teeth were rotten and she had hip and knee problems. She was so small (even for a Chihuahua) that breeding could have killed her, and at the very least would have paralysed her back legs and been agony throughout. We reported her to the RSPCA shortly after we got Kate out, and they rescued all the Chihuahua's she had. On the plus side to this - Kate now lives the best life ever to make up for her not great start. She is not a "princess" in that she is a dog but she is still spoilt. She is not a handbag Chihuahua, she loves a good run off her lead (We call her our "pocket rocket!") and would sniff until her nose fell off given half a chance! You can see that she is much happier and more content (spoilt!) now!! This was taken only a week after she arrived. I think you could say she was relaxed here.
We have both never been happier, that sudden impulse to get her out of there was the best thing we ever did. She helps us as much as we help her. Does anyone else have a nice rescue story or blog? I love reading happy endings! :-) Cuddles, xxx